Financing and payment solutions

Whether you are planning to invest in hardware or software, we have the financing solution for you.

It is important that you go with the form of financing that best suits you and your liquidity.

Apart from cash payment, we offer both leasing and short-term part payment solutions which each have their pros.

Cash payment

  • When buying software, it can be beneficial to pay by cash, if your liquidity allows it.
  • Software can be written off immediately, which means that – in Denmark, you will have a benefit tax-wise.
  • If you are buying hardware, it must be written off according to your applicable tax rules.


  • Some of our products are available for rent, which gives you an effective solution at the lowest investment rate.
  • Renting a product is, however, a less flexible solution because you must maintain your lease to keep using the products.


  • When leasing software, the product is your property when the lease after the lease is terminated. This means that we can offer leasing of software, support and maintenance in a package solution at a low price.
  • When you lease hardware, you can write the investment out of your financial balance very fast, and ultimately that means that you will get a larger tax deduction – In Denmark.
  • It can possibly be beneficial taxwise to lease hardware from Cadsys rather than paying in cash, as you will be able to deduct a bigger amount on your balance in the leasing period.

Part payment

  • At CADSYS we offer short term part-payment solutions on software. This means that you will have a better monthly liquidity, and still be able to do an immediate write-off on your balance. This gives you both tax and liquidity advantages.

Regardless of which solution you might be interested in, we offer you impartial guidance from either us, or one of our cooperating partners.

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